Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vehicle Registration Fee Soundly Rejected by Clackamas County Voters Despite the Conflicting Position of City Councilors Jordan & Olson

To All COLA LO Members,

Clackamas County voters dramatically rejected the Vehicle Registration Fee approved by the County Commissioners.     This is despite the fact that City Councilor Donna Jordan testified in support of the new vehicle registration fee earlier this year.    Councilor Mary Olson testified in opposition to the fee before the county commissioners.

The Clackamas County Commissioner approved the fee increase despite overwhelming testimony by citizens against the fee.   This forced a grass roots effort to require the decision to be placed before the voters.  

Tuesday the voters provided confirmation of public testimony which the County Commisioners ignored.

The Measure 3-372 lost by 63% No and 37% yes despite a massive investment by special interest groups supporting the fee increase to pay for the Sellwood bridge including a fear campaign.   The Oregonian now claims the failure of the measure may jeopardize the bridge replacement.   Extending the fear campaign that exemplified the supporters of the fee increase.

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