Wednesday, November 17, 2010

COLA -LO Poll on Capital projects shows us what citizens value the most.

To all COLA LO members,

The quick poll on capital projects shows us what citizens value the most in terms of facilities.    The poll conducted just before the election shows strong support for new Fire/Police facilities and the Lake Grove Village Center plan.     This is consistent with the prior poll on city services which rates public safety as the highest priority.   Citizens prefer to invest in public safety rather than visionary projects that may not be completed.

Here are the results form teh city services poll.  
Police & Fire
  97 (85%)
Parks & Recreation
  52 (45%)
Water & Sewer
  70 (61%)
City Administration
  17 (14%)
Street Maintenance & Repair
  57 (50%)
Library Services
  56 (49%)
Municipal Courts
  25 (21%)
Property Development
  7 (6%)
Planning & Code Enforcement
  11 (9%)
Adult & Senior Services
  28 (24%)
Economic Development
  35 (30%)
Mass Transit Projects
  36 (31%)

Poll closed
We will conduct additional polls in 2011 on capital projects and bonding issues as they are discussed at the council level.

Please inform members and contacts.

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