Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Candidates calling voters with volunteer COLA LO members

To all COLA LO members & friends,

Don't be surprised if you receive a personal call from Mike Kehoe, Jeff Gudman, or Dan Williams.    Why? All of the candidates are now making calls using the COLA LO call banking system/resources.    COLA LO volunteer members and the candidates made calls throughout Lake Oswego last weekend and will continue to do so this week. Candidates and volunteers talked directly with voters to express the need for fiscal responsibility in Lake Oswego.

Our thanks to the many of you that expressed unconditional support to the candidates and are helping in the effort. All of the candidates are walking the community and personally expressing their views and commitments to the voters.  

Please remember to vote K-G-W (Kehoe Gudman and Williams) and turn in your ballots right away.

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