Friday, August 27, 2010

COLA -LO Organization

COLA LO was founded in the spring of 2010 to address specific concerns within the community.    Lake Oswego's 2008 election showed a growing disparity of views within the community, primarily surrounding the purchase and use of the WEB building.  Unfortunately this issue continues to remain unresolved nearly two years after the election while the city council reviews additional development projects and restrictions.

The WEB is a symbol of larger issues within the public management of the community including the public process and its direction.    The efforts of the council in 2008-2010 have been focused on development restrictions within the city while not only proposing cuts to core services but also promoting costly consultant projects.  These projects are a tradeoff of resources in the budget during a period of significant economic uncertainty for citizens. 

After reviewing testimony at hearings we believe it is essential that elected officials in our city council be held accountable for their decisions and that a group of long term citizens provide oversight for the community.    The existing advisory boards seem to have little impact on final management decisions.

COLA -LO was developed with a Board of Directors to guide its efforts.   The board is supplemented with a focused advisory group that provides input on specific issues and a general membership group that participates in our meetings.

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