Friday, November 26, 2010

Donna Jordan testifies supporting increased taxes

It appears newly re-elected councilor Donna Jordan is testifying in support of increasing the fees of Clackamas county residents to pay for the Sellwood Bridge. Donna testified before Clackamas county commissioners this week supporting a vehicle fee (tax) increase on Clackamas county residents to pay for a Multnomah county bridge. This was despite a significant number of residents opposing any such fee (tax) increase.

This was reported in the Oregonian at:

Donna recently indicated she had heard the message of fiscal responsibility brought forward by voters in Lake Oswego during the last election when she narrowly was re-elected by 505 votes.  

Please inform all members and contacts of this information.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bloomberg Business Week lists Lake Oswego as most expensive suburb in Oregon

Bloomberg business week released an article this week indicating that suburban communities will cost more in the future. The primary reasons were increased property taxes, fees, and transportation costs.  

The article also lists Lake Oswego as the most expensive suburb in Oregon due to these factors.  

The article can be found at:

Please notify all contacts and members.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

COLA - LO Board member submits guest opinion to the Lake Oswego Review

To all COLA LO Members,

Board Member Gary Gispon submitted a "Guest Opinion"  article to the Lake Oswego Review last week. The focus of this article was on the new council which meets for the first time on 1/4/11 with endorsed members Mike Kehoe and Jeff Gudman being sworn in as new councilors.
The article is on the web at:

Please inform all members and contacts.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

COLA -LO Poll on Capital projects shows us what citizens value the most.

To all COLA LO members,

The quick poll on capital projects shows us what citizens value the most in terms of facilities.    The poll conducted just before the election shows strong support for new Fire/Police facilities and the Lake Grove Village Center plan.     This is consistent with the prior poll on city services which rates public safety as the highest priority.   Citizens prefer to invest in public safety rather than visionary projects that may not be completed.

Here are the results form teh city services poll.  
Police & Fire
  97 (85%)
Parks & Recreation
  52 (45%)
Water & Sewer
  70 (61%)
City Administration
  17 (14%)
Street Maintenance & Repair
  57 (50%)
Library Services
  56 (49%)
Municipal Courts
  25 (21%)
Property Development
  7 (6%)
Planning & Code Enforcement
  11 (9%)
Adult & Senior Services
  28 (24%)
Economic Development
  35 (30%)
Mass Transit Projects
  36 (31%)

Poll closed
We will conduct additional polls in 2011 on capital projects and bonding issues as they are discussed at the council level.

Please inform members and contacts.

Monday, November 15, 2010

COLA - LO Board members submit guest opinions to Lake Oswego Review

To all COLA LO Members,

Board Members began submitting "Guest Opinion"  articles to the Lake Oswego Review last week. The focus of these submissions will be on issues involving the core principles of the group and the outcomes of  the local election. The first article is on the web at:

The new council meets for the first time on 1/4/11 with endorsed members Mike Kehoe and Jeff Gudman being sworn in as new councilors. 

Please inform all members and contacts.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lake Oswego has highest voter participation rate

To all Cola LO members,

Final results for Clackamas County are now in and Lake Oswego had the highest voter participation rate of all the cities.    The results are:

City of Lake Oswego *22,38917,70679.1%

Ballots IssuedBallots Returned% Returned
County Totals214,198155,72272.7%
City of Barlow725272.2%
City of Canby8,1066,16576.1%
City of Damascus6,5384,96175.9%
City of Estacada1,36491967.4%
City of Gladstone6,3654,41069.3%
City of Happy Valley7,0054,91570.2%
City of Johnson City25617769.1%
City of Lake Oswego *22,38917,70679.1%
City of Milwaukie *11,5037,88468.5%
City of Molalla3,4952,30465.9%
City of Oregon City16,72511,74170.2%
City of Portland *47436677.2%
City of Rivergrove *20215576.7%
City of Sandy4,7653,09364.9%
City of Tualatin *1,7711,08361.2%
City of West Linn15,89812,32577.5%
City of Wilsonville *8,6086,43274.7%
Unincorporated Areas98,66271,03472.0%

 * Clackamas County portion of city

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

COLA LO Candidates WIN!!!!

To all COLA LO Members,

COLA LO endorsed candidates Mike Kehoe and Jeff Gudman won the city council race last night. Dan Williams places a close fourth missing the council seat by less than 510 votes and with a stronger showing than all the remaining candidates.

In a very closely contested race nearly all the endorsed council candidates won the election with 7 candidates vying for 3 seats. Two of the candidates effectively split the vote pulling votes away from KGW and especially Dan Williams, giving the council seat to Donna Jordan.  


Lake Oswego City Council

Mike Kehoe8,91022
Jeff Gudman7,04317
Donna Jordan6,33515
Dan Williams5,83014
Roger Hennagin5,53913
Lisa Shaw-Ryan4,38711
David L. Jorling3,3078

Here are details on the clackamas county voter participation rate.
City of Lake Oswego *22,37812,96757.9%

Thank you to all members, contacts, and volunteers who helped this effort be such a success.  We will be meeting in december to establish the agenda for 2011.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Volunteers for KGW candidates

To all COLA LO members,

Last night 10 volunteers call banked for the KGW candidates making over 700 calls to residents throughout Lake Oswego. This represents 5% of all the households in the city.  

Overall candidates and volunteers received a consistently positive response to the calls informing residents of the candidacy of Mike Kehoe, Jeff Gudman, and Dan Williams.  

Residents expressed concern over taxes, fees, and the priorities of current council efforts in a maturing community. These comments have been consistent throughout all efforts since the spring.  

Please notify all members and contacts that have not voted to turn in ballots.
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